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Stretch 10 October 2018 21:01

Prayers out.

Our Lord will do your bidding!

bobofthedesert 10 October 2018 21:06

Prayers, "shot over"....

Cujo 10 October 2018 21:18

Prayers out. 1 John 5:14-15.

Stay encouraged!!

Boyo72 10 October 2018 21:48

Prayers out brother to you and your family! Wishing your son the best.

billdawg 10 October 2018 21:54

Choice #2 is the only thing, IMHO. I will say a prayer tonight and again at 0730 tomorrow.
God Bless

coolshock1 10 October 2018 21:59


Originally Posted by just11b (Post 1058754506)
I am begging for all the help I can get through prayer, or positive thoughts if prayer isn't your thing.

My baby boy (14 months) is an inpatient tonight, and will be for the next 5-6 days or so. My wife and I brought him to Nemours Childrens Hospital in Orlando to be treated for his Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is rapidly stealing his life.

I am horribly sorry for ruining everyones evening with my drama, The messages and words of hope have kept me going.

I certainly don't think that you ruined anyone's evening. You're doing everything you possibly can to save your son's life. Your family will be in my prayers tonight.

Le3 10 October 2018 22:13

Your family is in my thoughts. You are doing the right thing, stay strong!

LLL 10 October 2018 22:58

All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers, especially your precious son. There are no easy answers in the path you and your beautiful family must walk. Trust the choice you make, love each other -- that's all we can do during uncertain times. May our Father in Heaven hold you all near. Believe in miracles!

Gunk 10 October 2018 23:08

You are doing the best you can do.
Prayers out for your family.

RGR.Montcalm 10 October 2018 23:39

Prayers and best wishes for you and yours.

I cant imagine having to make that choice but I think you made the right one.

bugeater 11 October 2018 00:54

Prayers sent!

wowzers 11 October 2018 01:06

As I sit here with my two month old I can't imagine being in your shoes having to make that choice. I wish the best for you and your family and you and yours are in my families thoughts.

pollux23 11 October 2018 02:08

Prayers out for you and your family.

Paul85 11 October 2018 02:52

I am sure your son will get better.
At least you have a treatment available and with a chance of success. The rest is up to God. Whatever happens, stand your ground and steer away from drinks. God bless you and your family.

Boats 11 October 2018 03:41

Deepest, most sincere prayers and best hopes and wishes for you, your wife, and baby during this awful time of trial, 11b. When I hear of things like this, I have guilt feelings having good health for so long, with only a stroke, bad back, and assorted gripes to complain about. Harrowing as this procedure may be, I feel that that little boy will be vastly improved, and I think you made the right choice, with only the strength of my convictions to support them. Be strong for your family. They need you.

Colonel Flagg 11 October 2018 03:52

You’ve ruined no one’s evening.

In fact, quite the opposite in offering us a lesson on how precious every second with our kids really is.

Prayers and happy thoughts sent.

DaveP 11 October 2018 06:14

One more step, one more mile, one more day.

Best to your little fighter this morning, and remember to keep taking care of you.

Bryan 11 October 2018 07:06

Prayer sent to God to watch over your boy and your family this morning, and the days beyond. Have faith in the Lord, and have faith in your son to fight through this. Godspeed.

37F5V 11 October 2018 07:24

Prayers out! Stay strong!

Balls 11 October 2018 07:30

Man, that is about one of the toughest things a parent can face.

Thanks for having the strength to come here and share with us. Hope everything goes well for your family. Prayers out.

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