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DaveP 6 July 2019 07:49

During the recent revolver search, I came across a lightly-used xd-e 3.3" in 9mm. I had been thinking about a smaller summer carry, but have really grown to enjoy my PCR, so another hammer rig with decock seems like a smart path to consistent ergos.

Initial impressions:
similar wts, but the xd carries most forward and the CZ is more 'dispersed'; that being said, and despite differing bore heights, they present oddly similar to me - bonus. I like the action, handles better than xd-s for me

although the PCR decock hinges forward and the SA to the rear, subtle differences in location allows a similar thumb sweep for both; yes, the inclusion of safety-up is dumb/redundant, but I haven't accidently engaged it yet, so doubtfully an issue

slide spring weight is alarming light in the xd-e; as in, potential for feed issues?; only ~300 rds in so far, no problems

main advantage in comfort is the small/shorter grip; however, I continue to be impressed at how well the PCR carries despite its Rubenesque figure

More range time for consistency and accuracy.
1. looked at the RAMI, but damn, it's the ugly stepsister of the 75B/PCR
2. yes, I'll eventually see the errors of my ways and embrace the superiority of the 19x. Eventually.


The Fat Guy 6 July 2019 11:00

Pros on the XDE,
Light weight, easy to carry and fully functional DA/SA controls as well as some factory "stippling".

I am not a fan of DA/SA, but that set aside, I do not like the bore height on the Springfield design of their polymer guns.

The 19X id probably the equivalent of your CZ PCR, but your Glock equivalent for the XD-E is a G 43 or G 43X. (Although I love my G 19X)

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