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Nokangaroos 1 October 2017 15:30

Terror attack at Marseille train station
2 women were killed by an attacker with a knife in the train station of Marseille. Attacker had a history of criminal activities including theft, drug trading. He started his attack shouting "Allahu akhbar", killed two victims and was then killed by soldiers of operation Sentinelle(from the pictures in the news it looked as if he has met some FFL soldiers who killed him before he was able to hurt/kill more people.

Gsniper 1 October 2017 16:05

Sad two women had to die. Happy somebody quickly punched his ticket.

MixedLoad 1 October 2017 20:33

Kudos to the soldiers.

Nokangaroos 2 October 2017 04:25

President Macon applauded the soldiers in an announcement for their fast reaction preventing more casualities

cashonlycow 2 October 2017 11:15

According to local sources, it was reservist soldiers from 1REG based in Laudun.

1st Foreign Regiment of (Combat) Engineers.

Bravo Zulu legionnaires, LPN.

Nokangaroos 2 October 2017 12:43

Citation President Macon:
"Je salue les militaires de Sentinelle et les policiers qui ont réagi avec sang froid et efficacité."

Tracy 2 October 2017 19:32


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