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Originally Posted by 5Surfers View Post
When i called and reviewed the website for NREMT-P it did seem pretty simple. I am looking to go the National route as I understand it I can go from state to state with National BUT not all states have reciprocity.


Reverse that...National means pretty much nothing in most states. Most states require another state's cert if you are trying to cert in a state in which you did not attend paramedic training. A couple of states will allow you to "challenge" their test. Some overseas companies may honor NREMT-P.

NREMT-P is a business, their website will try to "sell" their product. I have had NREMT-P cert for 14 years, and it is pretty much worthless...I only maintain it cuz it's easy and free, as SOCOM pays for it for me. Do you have your ATP cert from JSOMTG? Your profile lists 18D. Are you an SFQC grad, or an SFMS grad? If you are still on AD, let Uncle Sugar help you!
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