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National Page results

The following is from the National Page. I called and spoke to the NC State office and the guy actually acted like I was the first person in his life to ever ask how to reenter the program... Not helpful at all.

EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic Re-Entry Policy

Entry and/or re-entry into the National Registry may be granted to a previously state certified or Nationally Registered EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic provided you:

1. Officially document completion of a DOT EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic Training Program after January 1, 1977.

2. Show satisfactory evidence to the NREMT of prior state certification (licensure) as an EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic.

3. Have current status as a provider or instructor in ACLS by the American Heart Association.

4. Completed either PHTLS or ITLS as a provider or instructor within the past two (2) years.

5. Have completed a state approved DOT EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic Refresher Training Program or completed forty-eight (48) hours of ALS training that overviews the topical content of the DOT EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic Refresher Training Program.

6. Have a letter of approval from the state EMS office in the state where you work or are to work. The letter should show the state's support of the candidate's taking the examination.

7. Successfully complete the NREMT EMT-Paramedic / Paramedic cognitive and psychomotor examinations.

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