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Originally Posted by Longrifle View Post
This site hates it, therefore I am for it.
That bill is a tragedy. Having read it thoroughly it does several things. It effectively creates a felony enforceable "free-speech zone" around all public officials protected by Secret service (that means just about all Federal elected officials now congressman too) in a roving bubble. As well as any event, area, or building that the DHS determines is a NS event.

The language of the bill having been altered from "Knowingly and willfully enter" to just 'willfully" means that anyone caught in this area is subject to this jail-able punishment whether they had knowledge of this public officials visit, the location of the building (tourist) or the restriction as it is placed in real time or temporary for events. It also does not identify what activities constitute violation of the act. So all forms of conduct that would offend against the proper flow of the officials visit or normal operations of the building or event are punishable.

Scenario. This means all political rallies cannot be protested. No more DC protests outside tightly restricted areas. Occupy, tea party, all that shit is done.

If your standing on a corner and a Congressman or the POTUS drive by you are now subject to search and or arrest if it is determined you are being disruptive to this process or offensive. For instance angry at a town hall meeting? This act could net you in jail. Outraged at police beating that homeless guy in California last year, we wont see any protest on something like that anymore I'm positive this includes police stations in the broad scope of definition of Public buildings. The police now effectively have to power to disperse a crowd with the threat of arresting anyone with a year plus fiens in prison for coming withing X amount of space of any GOV building, special event or official.

However, don't think that we are special in this. It's actually quite Euro in origin. The French Monarchy and Church enacted laws for the poor and "unwashed masses" that prohibited them from being in sight whenever the King, an important Aristocrat (French or other), or Church official's Carriage were to pass. This was to used to uphold the false impression of a stable society. Ultimately separating the classes further and one of the main leading causes to the French revolution oppression of the masses and their voices.

2. chief things wrong here. It suppresses the Right to free speech and it does so via the redress of grievance. 2 things the GOV does not have the power to enforce. I pray there are enough Americans willing to go to jail for this because when it's our cause and our time to say something. You better believe I will speak up and do so publicly. I don't care if they wish to have all news coverage with shots of happy people for their propaganda machine this is America and it just doesn't work that way here.
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