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Originally Posted by Mortalitus View Post
That bill is a tragedy. Having read it thoroughly it does several things. It effectively creates a felony enforceable "free-speech zone" around all public officials protected by Secret service (that means just about all Federal elected officials now congressman too) in a roving bubble. As well as any event, area, or building that the DHS determines is a NS event.
OK. Got it. Public officials protected by SS. (SS - Sounds Nazi, doesn't it)

Did you mean "NO free-speech zone?"

No more DC protests outside tightly restricted areas. Occupy, tea party, all that shit is done.
Wait, what about the SS part? I have been to Occupy events and Tea Party events. Never saw the Secret Service. Is that proof they were there?

For instance angry at a town hall meeting? This act could net you in jail. Outraged at police beating that homeless guy in California last year, we wont see any protest on something like that anymore
Is the Secret Service at town hall meetings and/or police beatings?

2. chief things wrong here. It suppresses the Right to free speech and it does so via the redress of grievance. 2 things the GOV does not have the power to enforce. I pray there are enough Americans willing to go to jail for this because when it's our cause and our time to say something. You better believe I will speak up and do so publicly.
So will I. And with congressional approval ratings almost down to single digits, I think we'll have a lot of company.
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