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My girlfriend and I saw it tonight and laughed our asses off. Both the lead actors were funny, the big dude (Tatum) was as good as Jonah Hill or better. Rob Riggle was really good too.

As a comedy that didn't take itself seriously at all, it was really good.
"The real problem was being able to stick it out, to sit in an office under the orders of a wee man in a dark gray suit and look out of the window and recall the bush country, the waving palms, the smell of sweat and cordite, the grunts of the men hauling jeeps over the river crossings, the copper-tasting fears just before the attack, and the wild, cruel joy of being alive afterward. To remember, and then go back to the ledgers and the commuter train, that was impossible. He knew he would eat his heart out if it ever came to that."

- "The Dogs of War" by Frederick Forsyth
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