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Originally Posted by Gpool View Post
I had a friend go from S2 1-327 to command HHC for 1st bde during OIF1. He was 35 series. (intel) BUT I am not sure how he got assigned there. Maybe SGM Montcalm has some insight into how that happened. It was during his time there.

But your argument would still hold wieght as no female 35 series went below BDE level when I was in. Which was too bad because there are some hot intel chics! But they were kept like a harem in the SCIF.
HHC BDE billets are Branch Immaterial- I was the 1SG of HHC 1 BDE at one point

Also I will point out that officers are often commissioned in a 'Combat Service' or 'Combat Service Support Branches' but detailed to Combat Arms. It is used as a 'training aid' for young officers to spend time in the type of units they will one day support and thereby understand the challenges of the Combat Arms units...

Congress and SECDEF can issues decrees and pass laws (Congress) but NOTHING they SAY or PROCLAIM will cause a 110 pound female do more than SIT on a 100 pound rucksack...
Shallow men believe in luck; strong men believe in cause and effect
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