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Originally Posted by tooslow View Post
I had no idea that they warranty their handguns for only one year.
I have a Les Baer P2 5". I shot it for several years in IPSC and it has about ~35,000 rounds through it. Bought it in 2002 or so.

The extractor recently broke. I called themand asked what kind of extractor I should replace it with. They told me NO! our extractors ar serial numbered to the frame (I checked, and sure enough, it was). I mailed it to them and got a new one, serial numbered to my gun, at no cost, in ten days. They even paid shipping.

Eleven years and 35,000 rounds. Impressive.

Lesson learned: pay ~$1,700 for a 1911 from one of the top makers and you will not be disappointed in the long run.
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