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I don't have the military background that you all do, I do have unique insight into Prather and the crap he tries to represent.

About three years ago my wife's sister talked my wife into joining WarriorCult. My wife has tried all this time to get me to join and something about it this group made me hesistant.

She (my wife) went to initiation ($650 plus travel) and then went to connection camp ($400 plus travel) signed up for the cult newspaper (The Bracelet - like Amway, apprentices get a shiny silver braclet after completing their apprentership). Still not enough money and time wasted, she then bought the back issue collection of the bracelet ($105). She buys bundles of sage and expensive cigars to give to prather and his minions.

Well, I had gone along with most of this crap, I even attended a couple of ceremonies. You will notice on their website that they never refer to the N'dee (Apache) names of the ceremonies. I think this is because they are basterdised versions of the ceremonies. Plus, no native american spirtual leader would ever dare charge for a ceremony.

The wife asked to apprentice and I asked her how much? She said it was a $1000-1800 "donation" and that she would have to meet with her mentor 4 times a year for the next two years (at my expense of course). I told her I couldn't go along with it anymore. Shortly afterwards she asked for a divorce and has since moved to where WarriorCult is headquartered (Tuscon, AZ).

I wrote Prather once. I told him that it hurts losing my wife to his Jim Jones School. I also told him that he better not take advantage of her in any way. The reason I say this is because of what he did to one of his students.

I won't say names of course, but any of Prather's minions will know exactly who and what I am referring to. Prather had a branch of his ninja school where I live. The instructor there was also a member of warriorcult. He has been teaching martial arts and warriorcrap for many years on Prather's behalf. This guy's wife signs on with warriorcult and eventually apprentices under Prather. Prather abused every ethical and moral boundary and slept with her. This guy and his wife are now divorced and share custody of their kids. She called everybody she could in WarriorCult and told them that Prather spiritually raped her. None of those idiots went to her aid. Even my wife who was closely linked to this lady (she was my wife's Nialacin...spiritual guide). All of them just dropped her. Way to go Prather. Reminds me of all those Catholic priests that molest the altar boys.

The real shame is that I warned my wife about this. When I met Prather I just felt the guy was off. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I had an instant dislike for him. I told my wife that he would take advantage of her sister. I got the girl wrong, but I didn't get the guy wrong.

My opinion, my very lengthly opinion (sorry) is that Prather is a scam artist. He is a bully, an egomaniac, and someone who takes advantage of women. I am curious why he is divorced...I sure know why I am.
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