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Good God Guys, but this brings back OLD memories!

Served in Service Co. 5th Grp during the era that they moved to FTCKYU, but, hell, I had been on Bragg since March of 75! Didn't leave it till we all moved as a group, well one year ea. in Korea and Flight School.

I remember all them DAMN places! Even AJ's and the Lamplighter.

But, the stories from those places. The one that all of 2nd Brigade's NCO's frequented was just in front of the All American Mile in Area J or the one in front of the Main (only) PX off Riley near Moon Hall. I was only a E3-5 during that time and couldn't afford it and a Trans Am.

There was a club that was wild for a while called the Pines. The lounge in Moon Hall was DEF a meat market. So was the one over in the COSCOM area. And poor willie's!
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