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Your question about tier structure - there isn't one.

There are some contracts that pay very little and some that pay a lot.

Work that pays very well is still available. The only problem for you, that I see at this juncture in your life, is that you don't have the background. Trying to get that experience isn't going to help because you're not currently spending time on the ground in SOF.

If you want to do cool guy stuff and get paid for it, I would recommend you leave this contract and go back home. Or, if you really want to stay where you are, you begin knocking out online classes at full course load.

You need to get a Bachelor's degree while you're there making your money and then start applying for positions with the CIA, DIA, NSA etc if you want to be part of that world.

Otherwise, you're making a below-par wage, for a lot of risks, and very low quality of life.

I wish you the best in your future plans.
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