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Originally Posted by Prxspect View Post
Hey everyone...
Congrats on your new gig. The time you put in working over there will help you gain enough experience to be hired on SOME of the other contracts that are better paying than what you're currently making.

MixedLoad provided you with sage advice. Get your education knocked out while you are over there. Once you have your degree, you'll be more employable both Stateside and overseas for better-paying positions with more responsibility.

Going into it, understand that you are not making much money in the security contracting scheme of things. However, if you use the time wisely to build one of the early stepping stones of your resume, you can significantly increase what the prospects on the other end of your contracting time looks like.

I would start by thinking about where you want to be in life (professional & personal) in five and ten years. Then plan on what you need to do to get there and start checking items off the list.

It's good to understand a key shortcoming of many contractors. That shortcoming is that a lot of people started contracting years ago, are still doing it and have done little to improve their future prospects. In the meantime, they have racked up debt and backed themselves into a financial corner that keeps them going overseas. If that's the life you want, roll into the camp with a goatee, shaved head and call yourself an operator and you'll be a member of the cool guy crowd.

If you want to set yourself up for success, avoid the pitfalls of X-Box, rocking R&R like a rock start and living beyond the means of a normal Stateside income and you'll be fine. Replace all that with classes, keeping a low profile and focusing on your future.

Good luck and have a great time!
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