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Originally Posted by MakoZeroSix View Post
I recommend you save as much of that $50k as you can and put it towards some kind of trade school/ certification. I recommend something in the Cybersecurity realm- it is huge and only going to continue to explode.

There is tons of money to be made here back in the states. The economy and stock market are at all time highs (for now). All you need to do is a make the right moves and take it.

This ain't 2008- no reason to nug it out anymore.
I don't know too much about cybersecurity, but as far as the market, I have been doing retail trading on currencies (forex & crypto's) for probably 18 months now, and I love it. When I first discharged from the Army, the wife and I traveled around while I traded.

To get back on topic, I would like to continue doing security contract work for as long as I am physically capable. Right now I am hoping to get an initial contract in, save some money, then come back to complete a course or two that I think will improve the quality of contracts I can get, because right now I am scraping the barrel... I imagine there are about the same amount of cyber security positions as WPS and PSS positions, but probably much less are qualified for the cybersecurity field?
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