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Originally Posted by CAVmedic View Post
I have another question for anybody who's working WPS etc recently: Is contracting enjoyable anymore? I don't mean is it a vacation, let me elaborate. I was last in Iraq after the troops left on '12, and there were barely any American or coalition personnel there anymore. The place was like a ghost town relatively speaking.

Is there still a comraderie and life long friendships being built working a dangerous job with like minded individuals, hitting the gym, training and all that or has it become routine like any other job? Guys coming and going for a paycheck and that's all?

I first learned BJJ by some Blackwater guys that started a class a couple times a week and I still train when I can. I remember the FOB gym was packed like a bar on Saturday night after duty hours and groups of guys were always hanging out shooting the shit outside their pad like we did in the mil. Is it still like that or what?
As a cherry in the PMC industry, I sincerely hope it doesn't have that, "9-5" mundane feel.
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