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Originally Posted by Hankpac View Post
Thanks JAFO. I checked that out, too. Back to my personal intro, since Frog helped me out with the vetting of said Wannabe.
I am a retired PA, practiced emergency medicine for 25 years in Rural settings California, Oregon, and Texas. Former Mountain Rescue Paramedic Eastern Sierra Nevada (Bridgeport to State line, including working with the Marines at MWTC. What a great crew). Combat medic with 1/327 In, 101st Airborne, Tiger Force medic 1968-69. Web site, Served with Fred Raymond, Jeff Paige (who went to LRRPS, and is mentioned in the third book of "Six Silent Men") Stan Parker (Stan was SOCOM, later in life), and John Gertsch. You won't run into as many old guys claiming Tiger Force in their background (as you do SEALS, or SF), but I have over 120 members who served at one time or other, and can assist in vetting anyone who claims such. We've had a few Wannabes of our own.
Thanks to the admins for accepting me, and for all the hard work involved with this site. This is a major service.
Welcome aboard, Hank!
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