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Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
If you have been thinking about getting an AR do it. If you have been thinking about getting a second one, or one for the wife, do it.

I see a storm a brewin'. The day might be close where the only place to see an AR is either in your gun case or the SPECOPS museum. No sarcasm intended.
That's what they said about Newtown, and I did take the opportunity to purchase a SCAR-17, that quadrupled in value within a few days. If anything was going to precipitate a banning of semiautos, it was a class full of 5 year olds shot execution style rather than a terrorist attack against gays.

Bottom line, unless Hillary wins and along with Trump's defeat comes a wave election that sweeps the GOP from both houses of congress, there is going to be no legislation of any significance concerning guns.

But I'd say that this incident makes it more likely that Trump wins.
The history of the world is the history of war between secret societies"
- Robert Anton Wilson, "The Illuminatus Trilogy"
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