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Originally Posted by tm3e View Post
The Mexican drug gang atrocity videos are the most obscene. ISIS beheadings, burnings, being dragged to death behind a 4X4, etc are horrific enough but those Mexican narco monsters take it to another level altogether. Compared to those Mexican video atrocities an ISIS or al Qaeda beheading is positively humanitarian.
MSG Paul Howe did a video with Panteao Productions related to mindset and part of that was understanding what the enemy would do to you if captured and how maintaining the will to fight is paramount. Part of that was to show Mexican cartel members beheading two victims. The first was with a chainsaw and gory as hell. The second was with a dull knife. That was actually harder as you could hear the gurgling from the person trying to breathe. Once they fell over out of screen, you could hear the cartel fucker hacking at his neck trying to complete the job. It took a good minute or so to get it done.

And I've seen the Nick Berg video and others as well. I am a firm believer that it needs to be part of the conversation of Islam and terrorism.

But then, so does the fact that the Saudis morality police locked the doors to a girls' school allowing many to burn to death because they were not covered properly.

Or that a girl was burned to death in Bangladesh for reporting her school headmaster for making sexual advances.
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