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Iíve emailed and called every member of the House and Senate that I know and have called and emailed the House and Senate offices of those I donít know as well.

I have also called the White House comment line and also sent an email and will continue doing so.

Iíve been raising hell with the folks I know at the NRA as well though fat lot of good that will do cuz I had already been on their asses about stuff for years and about Wayne resigning and getting their crap together.p and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Iíve been a member since I was 18 years old and am currently at the Patriot Life Member Patron level though will never go beyond that cuz Iím pretty much done with them and their crap.

Iíve been raising hell for a while now with them along with refusing any attempt at fundraising. My message has been when Wayne Lapierre resigns and they get their crap together THEN we can talk until then piss off.

Lindsay Graham and I have a good friend in common. I reached out to him to try and backdoor an email to Graham. He told me heíd had words with the senator over this and thought Graham thinks this will get more GOP members of Congress elected. I told him it will piss off more of their voter base and the pissed off people will end up voting Libertarian or for a third party candidate and split the vote and get idiot progressives elected instead.

The above has been my mantra in emails and calls. If you want progressives elected then piss off the pro-gun voters and they will split the votes on third party candidates and the progressives will get elected. Next comes more restrictive gun control laws. Also the fact that you cannot legislate evil. Even if we lived in s strict totalitarian society evil would still find a way whether it was guns, hammers, machetes, or trucks etc. If an evil person wants to hurt people they WILL find a way to do it. Evil people donít follow the law anyway and if bent on killing and mayhem theyíll do it no matter what the law says. And itís naive to think that knee-jerk ďlook Iím doing somethingĒ type legislation only helps the rabid progressive anti-gun nutters. How about passing legislation to declare Antifa as a terrorist group? How about outlawing covering faces at protests? Or better yet legislation giving immigration laws some real teeth?

The GOP has pissed me off for a long time but Iíd vote for a dead maggoty dog before I would vote for a democrat and chance getting a progressive nut job elected especially in the climate of the last four years. That is now even more true. I just donít see any third party candidate that can win important national seats. I simply see it as splitting the conservative votes and allowing a progressive to be elected. And Iím talking general elections not primaries. Though you have to decide which candidate is better able to win the general election.

Talked to Dick Shelbyís office and asked if he could talk sense into Graham and use his influence to stop this bill. Shelby is playing coy on a re-election bid in 2022 but heís old & not in good health. This will be his last term as a working senator (I say that cuz he could be in a nursing home & as long as his name is on the ballot as a Republican in the general election heíll win though itís long past time he retired WAY long past time).

Iím not as friendly with his current COS as I am with Katie his former chief of staff. Though I reached out to her to see if she had any connections that could be utilized for Graham and McConnel to not even allow it up for a vote. Sheís supposed to be getting back with me.

I also reached out to other members of his staff that I know. I am somewhat out of the loop for the last year or two.

Doug Jones is a lost cause and he knows I despise his sorry ass.

But I can continue to call and send emails. If enough people did this it might have some impact. And then I will call and email some more then I will do it all over again and again and again.
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