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Good 'ole Lindsey trots out the favorite of pussies and statists, most often heard in 2001 and 2013, with a modification:

"The Second Amendment isn't a suicide pact"

Very good Lindsey, it's an Amendment in the Bill of Rights, duh.

Background on that statement:

Written by an FDR appointed Judge as a dissent in a free speech case, where the court found in favor of Terminiello, and against the City of Chicago.

Amazingly, the commies didn't take over America - he and Joe McCarthy were probably sad.

If you are a South Carolina Republican, I'd love to hear why you vote for this douche?

Too Funny, Has To Be My Sig For A While...

"FACT: School aged children are more likely to die from the influenza than from the COVID-19... but teachers unions are demanding schools stay shut until we de-fund the police"

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