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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
I ran an underground rag while I was in C.Co. It was known as the "Hardrock News".

Totally unsanctioned by anyone up the food chain.

Had a great Company Clerk I used to sneak them to and he'd type them up when no one was around.

All you GWOT warriors don't know about typewriters, that's back when it was hard!

Then he'd illegally print out enough copies for me to slide them under doors. Wish I had saved them on a floppy disc..

Also did the "Gator Gazette" while at 6th RTB and "Foxtrot News" while wasting tons of taxpayer dollars in Fun 51.

Shit we do / did has tons of humor involved. Hogans Goat remains Hogans Goat ( Soup Sandwich in case that term is too old) no matter what his name tape or rank says.

I'll give one example of headline news for the goat fuck that is RTB. Squad patrols, everyone is back in the PB except one of my SL Walkers.. So I fire up the Motorola. "2-2 this is 2-5, whats the sitrep". "Stud is all fucked up, failing land nav. Can ya'll send up a star cluster to guide him in?"

Now.. the student is no longer temporarily disoriented at this point, its said SL walker. And the Motorola being an open net, guess what happens next?

Every RI in Florida on Patrol that night fires up a star cluster.

You can bet your ass, RI "Lumpy" made headlines in the next edition.

While serving as a Mountain RI we had a gouge night after every class. Major awards were given for the RI'S who managed to get the most lost. It was also a time where you could place a 3x5 card in a box charging anyone with a violation of any kind. Kind of a kangaroo court where most were found guilty with beer as the fine. Example: I charged the BN Cmdr, LTC Pentecost for a policy that instructed the RI's to stop using walking was highly ignored anyhow, but I just had to gouge him for that.
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