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Originally Posted by Resqguy View Post
Have any of you guys looked into the Liberator seris from TCI ? They have single and duel comm versions. Pretty solid looking too. Just a thought .

We're using liberators in the unit I'm with now. They shit the bed consistently around water. Not sure how they would fair outside of that because we haven't been able to keep ours running long enough to make an informed decision. First impression is stay away.

There's another company making a smiliar product; MSA Sordin. We bought some of those in hopes that they would be better than the liberators. Haven't had much luck with them either. Again, breaking easily and the MSAs that we have don't have a wind cup over the mic so you get allot of feedback, engine noise, etc. That part is easy enough to fix, but the fact that we had 5 of 9 go down on the same mission should tell you something. I'd shy away from those to if I were you. Just my $.02

EDITED: Just realized that the threat is pretty much done at this point.
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