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Originally Posted by 1RiserSlip View Post
That motivated me Sharky.

Let the bodies hit the floor. HOOAH!

I have been fortunate to work and train with the Regiment quite a few times post 9/11. They are a whole different animal today than what we knew as the Regiment in our time. The foundations and principles are the same for the most part, but the capabilities now would have been unimaginable to us.

The OpTempo for them on the ground is brutal. I have seen many occasions where "other" units refused to action a target because it wasn't sufficiently high value. The Regiment developed a reputation for not turning down anything. As in, they were hitting something damn near every night they were on the ground. Many nights you would see the same platoon do two completely separate hits in one night. As a result, (and I was told this by someone who would know that sits echelons above the Regt) they have, by an exponential factor, killed more bad guys post 9/11 than any unit in the US MIL.

So yeah, that is motivating as hell.
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