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Hello, and thank you for accepting me into the community. Like some others, I was looking for contract work overseas when I ran across this site. And, I felt right at home after reading a few of the posts...especially in the "How Not to Post" section.

My History:
4 Years - Jul01-Jul05 - Active Duty Army - Airborne Infantry (11B1P) - Full Honors Casket Bearer - 1st of 3rd US INF BAT, The Old Guard (TOG) - Ft. Myer, VA. ETS'd as an E-5 with an EIB & GPB.
2 Years - Aug07-Jun09 - Army Reserves - Intel Analyst (No School) - 3300 DET 1 STRAT Intel Group - Ft. Belvoir, VA

10 Years - Jul05-Present - Contracting:
7 Years Armed Security - DC area
3 Years CI Overseas - Saudi Arabia, Burundi & Afghanistan

I wanted to be gung-ho and high-speed in the military like many new recruits and ended up being able to honor those who sacrificed more than I ever could...not for their country, but for their fellow man.

When I got out and got the chance to go over and do my part, I did. After my youngest was born, I came home to help my wife raise him to a suitable has been hard as hell maintaining that level of security in civilized environments (weight gain, depression, etc.). Now that he's old enough, I'm again looking for long term overseas contracts that allow vacations every 3 to 4 months.

Again, thank you for accepting me into the community. I look forward to reading more informative and entertaining posts.
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