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Originally Posted by Semp View Post
I think the travel rate is $.415 per mile and is subject to a $3.00 deductible one way ($6.00 round trip) up to a maximum deductible of $18.00 in a month ( which would be 3 trips). After that the VA does not deduct for the 4th trip, 5th trip ect., in the month.

Clear as mud, right?

edit: You might qualify for a waiver of the deductible if you hit certain income levels.
IF you have more than one (1) appointment with in 30 Days the surcharge is only taken out ONE (1) time for that 30 days. After 30 days you get charged again. IF you have say 2 appointments in the same day you only get paid travel for that day. ( I have gotten a check for $.67.
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