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Originally Posted by chokeu2 View Post
That is a reasonable assumption, but you would be surprised. There is a mental aspect that instinctively occur the moment you start wearing these shoes and walking around in them. It automatically dawns on you that you are, for all intents and purposes are walking around barefoot. That little bit of rubber still allows you to feel everything you step on.

What that translates to when you run is that you run like your barefoot. Hence the name. So you look for rocks, glass, etc. And most importantly, you start running the way your body was designed to run; and that is not with your heel slapping the ground. It is more of a mid-strike, or towards the ball of your foot so that your Achilles and your calf act as the shock absorbers that they were meant to be.

For me, as good a runner as I used to be, it felt like I got my ass kicked after every run. In the VFF's, it feels like I just had a great workout.

Now, that said, you need to build up the muscular endurance to run in these things. Shoes have made our running muscles weak. And your first week running in VFF's are going to be hard. You're going to wake some stuff up that has been asleep most of your life.

Once your about a week or two in, you probably will not go back to running shoes.

Plyometric or gym workout's, wear em. Allows you to work stabilizers.

If they made a dress shoe version, I'd buy those too.

I was really curious as to why these have become such a trend. Now I know! Have you seen decreased run times on your 2 mile at all after using these? I've been hesitant to purchase a pair but I may just try it out now.

I currently run with a pair of Sauconys, I believe thats how its spelled. I love their transitions and they seem to last a decent amount of time.
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