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I was really curious as to why these have become such a trend. Now I know! Have you seen decreased run times on your 2 mile at all after using these? I've been hesitant to purchase a pair but I may just try it out now.

I currently run with a pair of Sauconys, I believe thats how its spelled. I love their transitions and they seem to last a decent amount of time.
At first, my run times actually increased! But that was because I started using muscles that have been dormat for God knows how long. However, after about the second week, not only did I have an easier time running the same distance, I "felt" stronger, the run was easier, and it felt like I did a work out; not like the road kicked my ass feet first.

That said, you will also experience muscle growth/development in your achilles and your calves over all. That same development will occur in your quads as well, since they'll become more like the pistons that they were intended to be.

You'll find that you end up wearing them as often as possible. In doing that, you will then find that you're less fatigued during the times that you are on your feet.

Go for it.
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