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Originally Posted by KS11 View Post
It's weird. The people who are the most vocal about these guys getting screwed are those who weren't there and aren't involved. The people I have spoken to who were actually involved have all said it was a clown show, and that while they don't necessarily like the idea of them being prosecuted (or see flaws in the prosecution itself), they can't find much to defend.

I certainly wasn't there so I don't allow myself to have much of an opinion, if any at all. But that's my personal observation.
The legal proceedings are a political travesty. The machine gun felony charge is ridiculous. But the other charges are spot on.

Therein lies the crux.

It's not them getting prosecuted and convicted for their actions that I have a problem with (I support it) but that our legal system is being bent in all sorts of directions to do so (which I strongly disagree with).
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