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Originally Posted by IrishSoldier View Post
I wasn't there (that day) and wasn't involved, but this case is complete bullshit.

The government destroyed key evidence and has no physical evidence of who shot whom.

Basically they offered one of them immunity (most probably the shooter who initiated fire) to role on the others. The government brought in Iraqi witnesses who are part of a law suit against the company and who believe they will be able to leave iraq if their suit is successful.

The government moved the venue several times in order to get a more friendly jury.

Also the defense was not able to go to Iraq, bring witnesses to the US to testify or introduce exculpatory evidence.

No doubt that it's a huge shit show. That's what I meant when I said:

The people I have spoken to who were actually involved have all said it was a clown show, and that while they don't necessarily like the idea of them being prosecuted (or see flaws in the prosecution itself), they can't find much to defend.
But I see people defending them in two very different ways. There is the camp that focuses on the flaws in the trial/evidence/etc, and then there's the group that blindly defends them because of the contractor equivalent of the Thin Blue Line. I also believe that there's some sort of emotional aspect to the second group's stance.

Again, I wasn't there and have no personal first-hand knowledge of the situation, therefore I will limit my opinion to things I rate to have an opinion on (which isn't anything but the legal proceedings, if that).

But I also can't discard the opinion(s) of the folks I've spoken to who DO have first-hand knowledge of the event. And that opinion has basically been, "The legal proceedings are fucked up, but those guys (not ALL 15-20 dudes on the team) were absolute clowns, violated a bunch of policies and direct orders/instructions, and completely deserve anything that comes their way." In other words, they don't take ANY issue with the fact that the guys are being tried/convicted. The only problem they have is that the trial/conviction wasn't handled properly.
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