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Originally Posted by SWAT View Post
You don't have to be a fortune teller to see this coming. I would add Lybia and Syria to the list. Iran has really increased its regional influence, but I think a rational policy of covert support of locals who more or less support our interest is the most viable option at this point.
It's not reported much, but there is a more united movement in iran against the regime not only with the various kurdish groups (komalah, kdpi, kdp-i)but the baluchs (mainly Jundallah) and even a islamic azeri group now are picking up their weapons again and somewhat coordinating movements. Theres been about 15 attacks on iranian positions within the last 45 days between the groups.

But yes a unified Iraq was fucked from the start. Sunni and shia arabs just dont get along nor will they ever.

It'll probably end up being the kurds attempting to control from Kirkuk northward excluding Mosul, and the Shia and Sunnis going at it for other areas such as Ramadi, baji refinery area and Basra etc if it does kick off orflows that way. It's defdefinitely going to be a slap in the face of whichever administration in the US (whether republican or democrat) when the kurds push a independence referendum, which is not a if subject anymore but a when subject. And i think once the kurds do push the referendum it'll kick off the Arab Shia Sunni land grab issue.
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