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I'm in Erbil at the moment. The city is quite and today there is a rush at banks because locals are withdrawing cash fearing the uncertainty.

I think the war between Iraq and Kurdistan is a possibility but not going to happen in the coming days. The US has its fingers on both Abadi and Barzani as well as the Russians who have a business interest with both governments. What would happen is that some sort of tolerable actions will be implemented by Abadi government, for example, the closure of Kurdistan airspace.

What would be more interesting is the influence of Maliki and/or Sadr on this saga. So far both of them haven't said anything. I won't be surprised if Abadi will be portrayed as a weak leader in Baghdad and therefore should be removed by Sadr or Maliki again. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if Barzani also pressured to step down for some type of immunity while the Kurds pick their leader through an election.

Kirkuk will still be a potential flashpoint in the conflict between Kurds and Arab (Baghdad)
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