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Just like my earlier post, watch out for Sadr. I believe he's been grooming by both the US and the Russian as the person who can:

1. Push the Iranian influence, including stop the growing influence of the PMU, in Iraq. PMU is set by Iran to be the next Hezbollah in Iraq and Sadr will be the guy to prevent it. This advancement of the PMU in Kirkuk has shown that the despite what has been portrayed in many media including MSM, Ayatollah Sistani has weaker control over the PMU compared to Iran.

2. Sadr can serve as the interlocutor between the Shia and the Sunni and the PDK Kurds and the PUK Kurds.

I do not see that this fighting will escalate beyond what already happens now. However, if this situation continues as it is (Just like in Yemen - I spent a few years there), I wouldn't be surprised if the Kurds in Sulaymaniya or at least small groups working as the proxy of PUK start advocating for federal status of sulaymaniya.

As for their neighbors: Iran and Turkey have no interest in escalating the situation.
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