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Originally Posted by KS11 View Post
No doubt that it's a huge shit show. That's what I meant when I said:

But I see people defending them in two very different ways. There is the camp that focuses on the flaws in the trial/evidence/etc, and then there's the group that blindly defends them because of the contractor equivalent of the Thin Blue Line. I also believe that there's some sort of emotional aspect to the second group's stance.

Again, I wasn't there and have no personal first-hand knowledge of the situation, therefore I will limit my opinion to things I rate to have an opinion on (which isn't anything but the legal proceedings, if that).

But I also can't discard the opinion(s) of the folks I've spoken to who DO have first-hand knowledge of the event. And that opinion has basically been, "The legal proceedings are fucked up, but those guys (not ALL 15-20 dudes on the team) were absolute clowns, violated a bunch of policies and direct orders/instructions, and completely deserve anything that comes their way." In other words, they don't take ANY issue with the fact that the guys are being tried/convicted. The only problem they have is that the trial/conviction wasn't handled properly.
If anyone has taken my previous posts wrong, I am sorry. My comments were based upon criticism of the government processes used and not the underlying conduct that resulted in their conviction(s). v/r fkl
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