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If you have warrant worth a shit (as in quiet influencer) you get....

Better planning that leads to better missions. A 180 needs to be a master of UWOD, PEMSII-ASCOPE, MDMP, F3EAD, and CONOP development. They need to synchronize the direct leadership level to the strategic level. They need to influence commanders at all levels stay on the same sheet of music without fucking the ODA.

Less Z's and A's getting fucked, just trust me on that. If the 180 has a set of nuts, he'll influence the command in a way the Z and A just cant. Then on top of that if you have a rogue A or Z the 180 is the guy who better fucking fix it. A vs. Z fights on a team are never good. The 180 is the tie breaker. Or the guy who can go to the CDR and actually say you need to find a new home for this Jackass A. "Sir, the A needs new perspectives on team dynamics that are more inline with his skill set and aptitude"

Then X shop shit

If you have a good 180 (who's not lazy and does the PDSS) your JCET/TSCP's will be stellar.

Oh Yea and I will blow your fucking mind with PPTX.
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