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Originally Posted by 34RX View Post
What are you doing with your off time? Is it watching TV? I have young kids and I know it makes a big difference for me if we just go to a park, where I do little physical activity, versus throwing a kid on my back and hiking after the other on his trike for an hour.

Workout and definitely diet are factors, but I'd also look at the lifestyle choices. I struggle with these things too, especially during daddy daycare time, and applaud your effort.
I coach softball, in the winter we have two practices a week. One at local gym for strength and conditioning. I have free roam of the gym so I get in a night workout in addition to my 4AM workout at home. This is the sad part, I have an elliptical, treadmill and weights. They've been basement furniture for a few years.

I am also the Cubmaster of my son's Cub Pack, and Asst. leader for my daughter's Venturing crew.

Weekends are spent doing a combination of the above, and my daughter's lacrosse games.

My wife and I catch about an hour and a half TV time a night after the kids go to bed, and before we turn in for the night at 10PM.

She is doing this with me as well, so we can lean on each other. We've learned to shop only the perimeter of the supermarket.

Thank you for all of the advice and encouragement.
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