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Hello and thanks for the site approval. I am a former CTR2 that was stationed at NSGA Yokosuka in a direct support billet most of my Naval career. In bootcamp I was slated to goto EOD school but dislocated my shoulder really bad which stopped that from happening. I was medically discharged in 2004 because they wanted to deploy me and my shoulder didnt recover fast enough post reconstructive surgery. After my discharge I have worked as a contractor with the USMC CoC program, JFCOM J28 ISR programs and now am going to NETCOM C4i. I am also a Army reservist and am rated as a 35L CI Agent attached to the 301st Reserve BN . In the reserves I hope to get Airborne and RIP. I have worked with SOF in support roles during active duty and as a contractor and would love to join their ranks.


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