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Since you are referring to RC i will post what I know
Originally Posted by dcangviper
I have been reading for months now about all of the medics in special operations. I know I like EMS but there seems to be different job descriptions based on which branch or unit they are assigned to. Civil Affairs seems to have the least information available on medics. I have read in a couple of different places that they are assigned to the unit. In another place it said medical slots in CA are covered by 18D's. I also saw something that looked similar to a job anouncement for anyone interested in SOCOM to apply to the school for future assignment to CA, SOAR or Rangers. I guess my questions are:
No 18 series on the Mtoe in CA. Medics are 91W
1. Are 91W's assigned to CA units or 38B's crosstrained as medics?
There are 91W slots. Seems like we have more 91Ws in my unit than slots so some are holding 38A as well.
2. Are all CA medics SOCM or at least eligible to become one?
WE had one guy at the unit who was supposed to go last year. Apparently he was going to the be the first RC CA medic to go (at least that was the rumor going around). His dad was a former CSM which got him to hang out at the unit for a few years on a BS adsw tour. The school slot would interfere with the deployment so he didnt get mobilized with us and never deployed. I dont know what happened but after using that as excuse to get out of the deployment, he didnt go to SOCMED either. I fear he may have hurt future reservists going due to his last minute change of plans and how AC will view the RC CA medics and their interest in undertaking this lengthy course.
3. As a medic is that the only job one does or do they also participate in regular CA activities?
Doc will go out with you. Your mechanic will go out with you as well. They had every MOS on teams going out on missions. Paralegals, Admin, mechanics, supply in addition to Medics and CA qualified soldiers. Plenty of work for CA out there and not enough bodies.
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