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making a box jump box

Bones, here is a link to creating a box jump box. I've been wanting to start a thread on how to make a home gym for cheap, but haven't had time. Was going to include this, the slosh pipe, DIY pullup/dips bar, etc...

Final cost is approx $60 to make this box from Home Depot (according to author)

Also, I've been doing overhead slosh pipe squats lately after finally building the thing. Very easy to do and total cost was about $35. Do a search for slosh pipe by SARC88 if you're interested. I also used the screw cap on one end.

Originally Posted by SOTB View Post
Holy shit. As much as I kill myself with box jumping, I think this might be the one that could lay me out.

OK, I have to try this one, too....
+1. Burpees plus box jump sounds nasty.
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