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Outstanding thread and topic! Wish I would have paid attention a little sooner.
Went for yearly physical May 1st. Doc calls me May 3. Blood work is back, everything looks good except A1C is 6.6, I had crossed the line, barely but still over it, to type 2 diabetes. Very few people would call me fat, I was 6'5" 233lbs with a 38 waist. My food groups the past decade or so were; breakfast, whatever the 2 for $3 biscuit deal at Hardee's is. Lunch, 2 items off the dollar menu at some fast food restaurant, supper, my wife is Italian and a great cook. Throw dessert in 4-5 times a week plus a milkshake or 2 per week in the summer and you get the picture. About the only good habit I had was the only thing I drank for the past several years was water and unsweetened tea.
I've got a small construction company and am in the truck constantly checking on jobs. I thought I felt good, didn't consider myself overweight so it was easy to rationalize.
Went into immeadiate action to reverse it. 2 plans of action, diet and exercise. For exercise I began a 6 day per week minimum 45 minutes of light to moderate exercise, light weights x high reps combined with 1-2 mile what I call runs, more accurately trudges. Diet I became fanatical about. As soon as I began it became much easier than I thought it would be. Cut out all traditional bread, anything with more than 3g added sugars per serving, processed foods as best I can. Basically if it has more than a couple of ingredients and I don't know what they are I won't eat it.
What I do eat is a lot of vegetables, fruit, eggs, some meat, and ancient grain breads or wraps.
The results have been dramatic. Within 2-3 days I started feeling noticeably better than what I previously thought was good. Within a week I felt so much better the foods I used to love so much were no longer a temptation. The weight started pouring off me at a rate of 2-3 lbs per week. I started sleeping better. The brain fog that comes from processed foods disappeared.
10 weeks in July 10, I had another A1C test and follow up with doc. He said it had been a long time since he had seen someone actually follow through on something like this.
Weight 193lbs, that's down 40lbs
A1C 5.8, the very bottom of the pre diabetes scale. Currently I'm classified as a diet dependent type 2 diabetic.

If you are on the same path I was on, read what Polypro and others are saying on here and make some changes. I am 53 years old and feel better physically and mentally than I have in decades. Pay attention to this stuff before it gets out of hand. I believed the changes would be difficult, they actually have become quite addictive.

Poly I know you believe in the benefits of heavy lifting. I took bullets through both my shoulders and the structural damage doesn't allow that for me in upper body exercises. What do you recommend as an alternative?

Thank you for creating this thread!!
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