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Originally Posted by pondwater View Post
The results have been dramatic. Within 2-3 days I started feeling noticeably better than what I previously thought was good. Within a week I felt so much better the foods I used to love so much were no longer a temptation. The weight started pouring off me at a rate of 2-3 lbs per week. I started sleeping better. The brain fog that comes from processed foods disappeared.

I believed the changes would be difficult, they actually have become quite addictive.

Poly I know you believe in the benefits of heavy lifting. I took bullets through both my shoulders and the structural damage doesn't allow that for me in upper body exercises. What do you recommend as an alternative?

Thank you for creating this thread!!
Pretty f'n awesome, isn't it? Everyone thinks there's some sort of "new", magic, secret and a pill or powder... NOPE just shop around the perimeter of the grocery store and do *something* for at least an hour a day.

You can only do what you can physically do - take whatever as high as you can without pain, obviously. Look into a weighted Hip Belt for Squatting - you load it up and step up onto (for example) two benches and do squats. KB Swings (and you can make your own "swinger" for Olympic Plates for about $12 in the Plumbing Section at Lowes) shouldn't bother your shoulders in the traditional Posterior Chain swing - just don't try to turn it into a shoulder exercise.

Check here for exercises you can do involving shoulders (if any):

You can use that belt for Dips too, which will hit the Pecs. Chest supported DB Rows (Aka a 'SEAL Row') for the back may not hurt the shoulders? Just gotta trial and error.

Resistance training is the #1 best thing you can do for Insulin Sensitivity - Metformin is a last resort IMO

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