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Originally Posted by Xenonburnout View Post

A. Testosterone levels are in the 750 range using .75ml injections every 7th day.

B.My question concerns weight plateaus. I am frustrated with no weight loss since late June. I am normally calorie deficit everyday.

C.I have heard a fast breaks through plateaus but fasting makes for shitty workouts.

Any better method recommendations?
A. Congrats on getting the HRT dialed in - pretty fricken sweet, huh? Just some observations you may look at (but if it ain't broke... may apply as well )

If you are doing the injections yourself, I assume you are using 200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate? Which at 0.75ml/wk would be 150mg/wk? You may get even better results splitting your injection in half (0.38ml) and injecting Mon AM and Thurs PM (you would then split your AI ((if any)) dose in half as well). This would keep the levels more stable throughout the week. Are you doing SubQ injections into fat, or IM into muscle? SubQ is soooo much more user friendly. Is your Doc an HRT specialist, or a "regular" one? If the former, I'd see about getting the levels up a bit more - even if he/she doesn't want to go above the (BS) Labcorp/Quest max (916ng/dl) you have room. What were your Free Test, Estrogen, and SHBG numbers? Did you discuss HCG with him/her?

B. First off, don't look at weight, except in a very general sense now - you now have normal Testosterone levels and that will put on (muscle) weight, and you are now resistance training (more muscle weight). Get a fat caliper and a good cloth tape measure and start recording those. I'd only get on a scale once every 2 weeks. As long as the caliper and tape are getting smaller = winning. Also, like SB said above, depending on how long you've been in a deficit - you may need a diet break. Fat loss is basically mild starvation - not what the human body likes to do - and it will compensate metabolically (gotta make it through that famine ) My advice would be to go back up to maintenance level calories for at least 2 weeks. You'll gain some water weight due to more carbohydrates pulling in more water with the glycogen (~3:1 water to glycogen) - but it won't be fat unless you *really* over-estimate what your maint. level is. Go look at the data on a Fat Loss study called 'MATADOR' - some good info. They found a 2 week deficit, followed by 2 weeks at maint. led to double the fat loss IIRC. It minimized down-regulation and kept Leptin higher. A good middle ground would be 11 On (deficit)/3 Off (Maint.) for a nice and neat 14 day cycle.

C. Don't believe all the hype about fasting. Yes, there are some positive things that happen with zero energy coming in (ie. true starvation) - Growth hormone output increases, and Cellular Autophagy (body house cleaning) goes up as well. But I wouldn't do it as a fat loss strategy. NOW - what you *can* try, and this will depend on how you respond personally - is what is called 'Intermittent Fasting' on a 16/8 schedule. You kind of get the benefits of fasting listed above, but you are still taking in your daily energy limit - just in a compressed manner. An example would be having your last meal at 7PM, and not having your next one until 11 AM. It's really more of a hunger control tool (if it works for you). I do it because I'm absolutely NOT even the slightest bit hungry until around Noon - then instead of a bunch of smaller meals every few hours, I get 3 bigger ones. I like it, but it's not the magic that you'll see on the interwebs. Fasted training is stoopid - find a Gold Medal winner that did it?
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