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Originally Posted by magician View Post
The symptoms that you describe are consistent with sleep apnea. You absolutely need to go to the sleep clinic at the VA.

This is actually pretty important. They have devices which can help you sleep much, much better. You do not realize how vital that this is until you suddenly understand that you have not had a good night's rest for the past ten years. This happened to me.

Going to the sleep clinic probably added ten years to my life expectancy.
Will do Magician. Disability rating aside, at least I'll get the treatment I need for a serious condition I never really knew existed but affects quite a few soldiers for some reason. I always thought it was my sinuses but now realize the apnea could be what causes my sinuses to trigger. Whether it is related to my service is irrelavent at this point and up to the VA to decide. The important thing is I get treated. Thanks again.
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