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I believe that the threshold for the VA to cover your medical expenses at no cost to you is 50% disability.

I was rated at 50% disabled for many years. The VA sent me to an outside specialty practice where a sleep study was done at a cost to the VA of $7,000. Then the VA contracted with a firm to send a very nice girl to my home to deliver, set up and to instruct me in the use of a thousand dollar BIPAP machine. Again, no cost to me.

I used that BIPAP machine for ten years. It finally started to fail, so last year, when I was in the US for treatment for other disabilities, I went to the sleep clinic at a different VA and asked if I could get a new one.

A very nice lady poked around in my medical record, which is electronic, and noted the date that I was issued my original BIPAP and its settings. She then handed me a new unit, dialing in the settings for me. She even gave me spare masks, and those things cost a couple of hundred dollars if you buy them on the economy, which I have done in the past.

Again, no cost to me.

I am very grateful for the VA. They have hooked me up big-time.

You definitely need to make it a point to go.
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