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Originally Posted by Doc64 View Post
At the risk of getting my butt kicked, I decided to comment about being a "Baby".

In '62 I took my first SF tests while in basic. There was a "Critical Decisions" test, given with a workbook and tape recorder. If I passed muster, I would get orders for Training Group upon completion of Jump School.

At TG we started with MOI then specialty training. I went 911 as medics were in shorter supply than most other junior MOS. Did 2 different programs at Ft. Sam, then OJT, then Dog Lab.

Next came branch. Guys were dropping like flies, quite a number of NCO's among them.

Next came assignment to Group. I went to the 1st.

I got on a TDY team after a couple of months on Oki. Medics were in short supply so we got a leg SFC, never been in SF, as Senior Medic.

We had been in country for about a week when he pulled me aside and asked me to "run things" as he had never worked anywhere except a hospital. Most of the time he was scared.

I guess I was too young and dumb to be scared.

The Senior Weapons NCO sort of took me under his wing. Helluva guy (may he continue to RIP).

Okay so I was a "baby", I suppose. I did a pretty fair job both in the dispensary and in the field.

Not all young inexperienced men are worthless.
Sir, you were selected, you endured a pipeline where a lot of other candidates failed, and when you arrived on Oki, you were socialized on an ODA for a time before you made it in-country, where you were socialized some more where it really counted.

If you look back, you can see the nascence of the modern-era SF training tradition.

We have always done it this way. We have just refined it over the years.
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