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Originally Posted by magician View Post
Sir, you were selected, you endured a pipeline where a lot of other candidates failed, and when you arrived on Oki, you were socialized on an ODA for a time before you made it in-country, where you were socialized some more where it really counted.

If you look back, you can see the nascence of the modern-era SF training tradition.

We have always done it this way. We have just refined it over the years.
Hi Magician,

Thank you for the kind words.

I always felt humbled around some of the men in Oki. When serving as "company carpenter" my immediate boss was the SMAJ. He was a very calm and courteous man as well as having "Been There Done That" =

- 3rd award CIB (only one I had ever seen at the time)

- More time as POW than I had in the service at that time (2 times in 2 wars)

- He hated retirement parades on Saturdays when his troops should have had some time off. On one very hot Saturday he went so far as to buy beer, iced it in some GI can at the entrance of the mess hall for noon chow.

BTW, as much as I appreciate your courtesy I don't really deserve to be addressed as "Sir". "Doc" suits me just fine. :)
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