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Back to the original topic of the thread and to mirror what Doc64 said:

I was drafted in 1970 and, after 5 days of being a PV1(US), tested and was offered the SF option for becoming a 12B (Cbt Engr). I was discharged and became a PV1(RA), with BCT at Fort Ord, 12B at Fort Leonard Wood, BAC at Fort Benning, and then on the bus to Fort Bragg and SFTG. MOI followed by Phase 1 at Camp Mackall, then more testing and volunteering for 91B (Med Spec) with 91A at Fort Bragg, 300F1 at Fort Sam Houston, OJT at Reynolds Army Hospital, Advanced Med and Surgical Labs at Fort Bragg, Phase 3 at Fort Bragg and Uwharrie National Forest, and assignment to 7th SFGA.

By the time I completed SFTG, I had been in training for nearly 2 years and was a SGT. Prior to 1972, the Distinguished Graduate from SFTG (like the Distinguished Graduate from the Infantry "Shake and Bake" NCO Academy at Fort Benning) was promoted to SSG.

After another 6 years as an SF NCO serving in Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe, I went to OCS as a SSG(P) and eventually retired after serving as an Infantry, SF, and FAO Officer.

The 18x program has been around a long time fellas - it just wasn't always called that.

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