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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
......The 18x program has been around a long time fellas - it just wasn't always called that.....
I'd really have to dig through my brief case (2 really) that holds all my paperwork but back in 1974 it was just called the Special Forces enlistment option. You picked up the MOSs as you went through training.

Like Richard I got 12B at LW, 1P at Benning and then showed up at Bragg for the Q Course getting the "S".

18 or 21 - no off the street - off the street - whatever/what for it all changed with the needs of Big Green - and will change again.

Just like the thread on the background wing ovals. Somebody could have spent the last 25 years in SF but not known about the "old" ovals.

Then there was Brass. For years we wore unassigned brass - but for a few years before branch we wore our base MOS brass - Engineer Castle for me - and then of course after branch the crossed arrows.

So three SF guys - one who only served prior - one who only served during base MOS - and the last only serving as an 18 series could have a big argument over what was "the right Brass".
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