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SF and our society were "completely different" back then. You were raised in a different generation and I'm sure you weren't a Mother Fucking Paper Tabber.

First, there was no SF Branch back then. Officers came and went. SGM's and TM SGT's ran the company. Officers were like kids, they were to be seen and not heard. SFC Tiodosio (ODA-174), "Sir (Major), you want to run my team that's fine". "You can run my team, just as long as you do what the fuck I tell you to". and walked off.....

Team members back then turned down promotions, just to stay on the same team. The average age on a team was way older than now. Now, it's shake and bake. Hell, a fucking Tm SGT spends 2 years now, then he's gone to the B or C team or in a specialty position. It's BS, how can you have a 21-25 year old coordinating anything, much less working in another country making educated decisions. It's all about numbers. It's not their fault. They come out of the X program, thinking they've learned something. What they fail to understand is, that class has just begun. Unfortunately, until you've had a few divorces, at least a drunk spell, a few years on a team down-range, cussed out your tm sgt or wife (one in the same), etc... you don't know shit.
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