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Originally Posted by The Fat Guy View Post
For Fuck's Sake.....OK, To make it painfully clear, if someone blows up a bus full of kids or kills the same kids from driving drunk, why is the outrage, punishment and reaction so different?
I completely get what you're saying, and I apply it to many incidents...I recall a shooting in Cancun back in January that stirred up a big fuss, yet as you state, shootings in Chicago are ignored. My response to THOSE types of things, is simple...the population expects things like that to happen in Chicago. They don't expect it in more "civilized" areas. It doesn't make the response any less ridiculous.

This incident is completely different in my opinion. To quote Ender's Game, "how you win matters." This was an intentional act against a civilian populace. While the end result is equally as devastating, the practice must be paid a little more attention to considering it was intentional. I believe it warrants a little more of a "shock and awe" response in an attempt to dissuade something like this from happening in the future. Of course, on the flip side of the coin, all the extra attention the incident is getting may in fact do the exact opposite.

This incident reminded me of an incident we had overseas. We got hit by an SVEST and lost some guys. The shitty part was that 2 small children (about 5 and 7) were killed in the process. That's what upset some of the guys the most...we all knew what we were getting into and what was at stake. The children did not.
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